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Create Update #3

As of now, I have officially finished the create task. I completed the essay, made the video, and saved and marked up my code as needed. I then turned all of it into my digital portfolio. Everything is working for the program and all of the requirements are met! I feel that I am at a 10 out of 10 for completion. Everything is all set and turned in!
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Create Update #2

As of right now, I have finished my code for the Create task, but I haven't finished the essay yet. I also need to do the video, but the code is complete and working. I feel that I am at 6 out of 10 for completion. I did the entirety of the code and it is completely debugged. Once I finish the essay and do the video, I will be all set!

Create Update

As of right now, I haven't started my program yet, but I know exactly what I want to do and have planned the code on paper. I figured that by planning everything out first, I would be able to write the code a lot easier. I have planned out my code on paper as well as listed all of the functions that I want my program to feature. Both of these will make the actual writing of the code a lot easier. I would rate myself at about a 3, but the actual writing of the code should be done a lot faster because of the planning that I've done.

Big Data Sleuth Card

Wind Sensor Network
1. This website could be used to help more accurately predict weather forecasts. It could be used in a variety of shipping-related fields to optimize travel times and costs in both air and sea travel. Companies can identify the most efficient course for travelling based on the wind direction and speed at any given time.
2. The way the data is presented is extremely useful. By overlaying the wind direction and speed on a world map, it allows you to visualize and understand the data very easily. The biggest area where the program can improve is by giving the data that it's showing. It would be extremely helpful to add a description of what people are looking at so they can better understand it.
3. The data comes from a variety of sources, mainly being organizations that look at individual aspects of what the website compiles. The data is live information, which is what makes the website incredibly useful. The sources come from government organizations and agencie…

Ring Hack

I personally believe that the blame should be placed on the users in this instance. Normally, I would blame the corporation, but the users should have better passwords and enable two-factor authentication. Because it only happened to four out of the thousands of people that use Ring. I personally use two-factor authentication for all of my more important accounts, in order to stay secure.
The next step for the Internet of Things is to make two-factor authentication a mandatory requirement when setting up accounts. It ensures that people have secured their account by using codes that change every 1-15 seconds, which means that a hacker couldn't possibly breach it with ease.


I think that the algorithm that Mercedes will be implementing in their self-driving cars is the less ethical, but smarter decision. It's not guaranteed that everyone will survive a crash, but if one life can be guaranteed to survive, then that is the decision that the car should make. Also, a company such as Mercedes makes their products putting the consumer in their minds first. Therefore, the company should look to preserve their clients' lives before seeking to save other peoples' lives. In situations such as the Trolley Problem, lives are going to be lost, but if just one life can be saved, then that is the best option.

Explore Progress

I was able to get a decent amount of work done yesterday. I started by narrowing my computing innovation down to Spot, by Boston Dynamics. It is an autonomous robot that has lots of use in construction jobs. I also found four good sources to use for notes. I then started my notes by identifying the intended uses of the robot. Today, I hope to get the majority of my notes done so that the next day we work on this, I can begin to write the Explore task.