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I was able to get a decent amount of work done yesterday. I started by narrowing my computing innovation down to Spot, by Boston Dynamics. It is an autonomous robot that has lots of use in construction jobs. I also found four good sources to use for notes. I then started my notes by identifying the intended uses of the robot. Today, I hope to get the majority of my notes done so that the next day we work on this, I can begin to write the Explore task.
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Submarine Cable

1. Sharks biting the submarine cables is surprisingly a problem. Sharks and other fish biting cables remains a persistent problem with the cables.
2. Other causes of cables breaking are current abrasions, underwater landslides, and underwater seismic activity.
3. Everyone who has an electronic device uses the submarine cables. They carry telecommunication signals across long distances, so anyone who uses these signals uses the cables.
4. Modern submarine cables are approximately one inch in diameter.
5. Light travels shines down the cable and bounces off different places and it is then received at the other end, where the way it comes in is how the data is read.
6. I found how many cables there were the most interesting. There are thousands of cables, some of which extend extremely far distances. How connected the world appears to be and how many routes there are to send information is, to me, by far the most interesting thing about the cables.

IP Post

What is a protocol?A protocol is an agreed upon set of rules that machines use in order to communicate. What is an Internet Protocol (IP) address?An IP Address is a special address given to a device when it is on the internet, it tells the location of the device as well. How is it organized hierarchically? The IP Address is organized so that the first set of numbers are the country, the second are the region, the third is the sub-region, and the last is the device itself. How many bits are in an IPv4 address?IPv4 addresses all have 32 bits in the address. How many IPv4 addresses does that mean there are?  This means that using the IPv4 system, about 4 billion unique IP addresses can be created. What is the difference between IPv6 and IPv4.  The main difference between the two is that IPv6 has 128 bits whereas IPv4 has 32 bits per IP Address. Why do we need IPv6?We need IPv6 because the amount of devices we have connected to the internet is going to surpass 4 billion, so we need more unique …

Blown to Bits

The first koan is that everything on the computer is made up of bits. The images you see and the audio files you can hear are just made up of bits. When you save files, such as an image for example, you aren't actually saving the image in the computer. You are actually saving a lot of bits that make up the image file. This koan resonates with me because I've had a misconception about how files are saved. I always thought that it saves the file as a digital image, but it is actually saved through bits.

The seventh koan was another interesting one. It talks about how bits move around the world faster than thoughts can. Simply put, data moves faster than any message delivered by people. Because bits move at rapid speed through wires the connect the world, any message from one person to another will be unable to match that speed. This resonates with me because of how true it is. Looking back in history, it would take weeks for messages to travel across even just the United States,…

Marconi Post

This is a picture of an old radio receiver located in the Marconi Museum. I simply thought it was interesting that the old radio receiver, which is something that I use on a daily basis in my car, was once so big. Receivers in cars nowadays are far smaller and more convenient. They were some of the first wireless radio receivers, which is their significance in wireless history.
 This is an Enigma machine, which was used to encrypt messages for the Nazis. I thought that it was cool that the museum had an actual Enigma machine. These were incredibly important in WWII, so to see an actual machine in person was cool. They were used to encrypt wireless messages, which makes them pretty significant in history.
 This is a radio transmitter located in the museum. It was cool that they had one of the original radio transmitters in the museum. The technology was incredibly important in the development of wireless communications, as it was the first way of using wireless communications.
 This e…

Coding in the Wild

I chose to read Coding for Statistics, because statistics is a field that I am interested in majoring at college. I found it interesting that even statistics uses coding and computer science, which I was extremely delighted to hear. I am interested in statistics, but I have also fallen in love with computer science because of this course. The writer talks about how coding is used to organize and store data, since there is so much data involved with statistics. Coding is also used to create programs that can interpret data for statisticians. The writer said that they were good with numbers throughout high school and that they need to know several programming languages. Overall, coding in statistics seems really cool and allows me to combine two of the classes I have enjoyed the most throughout high school, AP Statistics and AP Computer Science.

The Internet is for Everyone

The first challenge is not a challenge that I've had, but I know to be an issue in communities. I have a friend who struggles to get a reliable, strong connection to the internet, and thus struggles to keep up in school. In a school where the majority of class is done or relies on the internet in some way shape or form, he struggles to be able to access his work and notes at home. This in turn makes it hard for him to do work from home or study at home.

Another challenge that means something to me is having internet access everywhere. My family owns a house in Vermont that is on the outskirts of a really small town. As a result, getting an internet connection is extremely hard to do. When we spend extended period of time up there, such as long weekends, I cannot do my homework. It results in a similar scenario as my friend, where I have no way of being able to do my work. Also, my family went to Ireland over the summer as a graduation gift for my brother. While out there, I notice…